Racket Court Plaster

Real Tennis

Armourcoat Polished Real Tennis render

Hard plaster system with a polished surface specifically designed for Real Tennis courts.

Armourcoat’s Polished Real Tennis Render System is a high strength, resin modified, plaster system designed to provide the ideal playing surface for Real Tennis court walls. The system comprises of a high strength fibre reinforced basecoat that is ruled off to a thickness of 9-15mm to provide a flat base. The polished topcoat is then applied in four fine consecutive layers which are compacted and polished with a stainless steel trowel to a silky smooth polished surface. This provided to the optimum playing surface for Real tennis.

Features & Benefits

  • Consistent smooth polished stone-like surface
  • Excellent playing characteristics and predictable ball response
  • 12mm thickness

Areas of Use

  • Suitable for the playing surface of Real Tennis Courts

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