Natural clay lime plaster

Naturally sustainable, Armourcoat Clime (clay lime) plasters have been responsibly developed to achieve beautiful matte stone surface finishes whilst minimising environmental impact. Made from natural minerals with low embodied carbon, Armourcoat Clime plasters contain no cement or volatile organic compounds and are available in a wide range of natural colours.

Clime plasters create healthy interiors, with beautiful finishes in tune with nature and engaging traditional decorative skills.  Combining the benefits of natural products with modern and artisan techniques, Armourcoat Clime offers a whole new experience in decoration for the business and the home, but one that has its roots in history.

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Naturally versatile

Armourcoat Clime clay lime plasters are available in two standard finishes: Clime Matte and Clime Stone.
Clime Matte creates a finely textured, subtle finish which radiates the natural material used.
Clime Stone includes crushed marble to create a heavier texture, suitable for large areas where a more dramatic finish is desired.
Both finishes are available in 15 colours and are suitable for internal areas.  Custom colours and finishing techniques are also possible including banding, layering and pearlescent washes.

Furniture featured kindly supplied by Dare Studio