Location: Brighton
Designer: Jade Aden Interiors
Photographer: Jade Aden Interiors
Polished Plaster Selector Range Koncrete Textured
Snow Cloud

Eco credentials deliver LUSH result

Global eco-friendly beauty brand Lush has diversified into hairdressing, opening its first “spa for your head” hairlab in Brighton.

Staying true to its “green” roots and initiatives to minimise waste through recycling, Lush chose the Armourcoat Polished Plaster Koncrete Textured surface finish to create the desired minimalist aesthetic throughout the salon, on the recommendation of Jade Aden Interiors, tasked with delivering Lush’s design scheme.

Armourcoat Koncrete Textured gave the multi-dimensional finish Lush wanted, with enhanced eco credentials over the paint finish that was originally envisioned for the salon. Armourcoat’s ‘Snow Cloud’ colour reflected the raw natural feel whilst giving a softness to the interior aesthetic.

Crafted from hydrated lime and crushed recycled marble, Koncrete Textured yields a 38% recycled content with zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The surface finish’s mould and mildew resistance further enforced its relevance for the salon.

Lush wants to demonstrate there is a way that can make us- and the planet- feel good. Having used Armourcoat’s system previously we recommended it as a better alternative than the textured paint being considered. Lush is very happy with the end result.

Andrew Barnetson, Commercial Manager, Jade Aden Interiors

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