What Is Polished Plaster ?

Luxurious and unique finishes

The term ‘polished plaster’ covers a wide range of decorative plaster finishes. These vary from thin and highly polished finishes that resemble polished marble to deeply textured effects that can emulate travertine or limestone.  The history of polished plaster can be traced back to the Egyptians.
Armourcoat Polished Plasters are made from slaked lime, marble dust and/or marble chips to create the unique look of each finish. Armourcoat develops and manufactures all its own brand materials in the UK and over the years has progressively honed its formulas with special additives to increase product hardness and durability. A protective layer of wax or a sealer can also be applied to enhance performance and appearance.
Armourcoat polished plasters are hand applied by trained applicators using traditional techniques. A typical build up is between 1 mm and 4mm and consists of a special primer, a keycoat , 2 to 4 finish coats and a wax or sealer.

Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is a specific type of polished plaster that is made from lime putty and crushed marble. It is applied by hand with a spatula or trowel in multiple thin layers and burnished to give a super smooth surface with amazing sheen and depth.
Spatulata, Armourcoat's version of the traditional Venetian Plaster can be tinted to a wide range of colours and even colour matched to existing stonework or materials on your project. It can be applied seamlessly on walls, ceilings, columns and other curved surfaces. For more technical information about Armourcoat Polished Plasters and suitable substrates visit the technical section.