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With over 35 years experience applying its sustainable luxury finishes, Armourcoat’s contracting team have the expertise to complete projects of all types to the highest standard. Please see the FAQ below for information on using Armourcoat for your project.

Can Armourcoat tender against alternative products?

Yes, Armourcoat can normally offer a comparative product to that in the specification. Please contact us with the details of the proposed specification for confirmation whether Armourcoat can supply and install a product to match the specification.

Can you match existing materials from our project?

Yes, Armourcoat has a bespoke matching service that allows us to create finishes that compliment or match other materials used in the project scheme.

What are your lead times to start a project?

Projects can usually be started in 3-4 weeks from receipt order and drawing approval, subject to site visit.

How long do Armourcoat finishes take to apply on site?

Installation times can vary depending on temperature, humidity and access provided. As a rough guide, finishing a 50m2 flat area with good access will take 5 days in Armourcoat Polished Plaster, 3 days in Armourcoat Decorative Paint and 5 days in Armourcoat Acoustic Plaster. A 20m2 area in Armourcoat Sculptural Plaster will take 5 days.

Do you provide an off-site solution?

Yes, Armourcoat can supply pre-finished panels for our decorative product that can be hung on site by the general contractor on the project.

What is the process once an order is placed?

Once an order is placed, we will appoint a site manager from our contracts team to oversee the works. Once the substrate has been checked, and the finish approved, a start date will be agreed. All materials will be delivered to site in advance of the works commencing.

How does the substrate need to be built?

Substrate requirements vary for different products. Information on substrate requirements can be found in the technical information document for the product specified.

What is the sequence of works on site?

Armourcoat finishes should be installed at the end of the project before furniture, fixings and equipment.

What access is required for the installation of Armourcoat finishes?

Access for areas up to 3m working height will be supplied by Armourcoat. Platforms are required for plastering. Podiums are not suitable. For walls above 3m or where specialist scaffold is required, the main contractor is required to provide all access (or crash decks for Armourcoat Acoustic plaster ceilings). A minimum spacing of 300mm between the scaffold and finished wall surface is required to access areas with a plastering trowel.

Can your finishes be repaired?

Armourcoat finishes can be repaired on site should any damage occur during their lifetime. The success of these repairs is dependent on the finish applied and the type of damage encountered. Some repairs may not be invisible. More information can be found in the technical information document for the product specified.

Are you a member of any accredited contractor bodies?

Yes, Armourcoat hold both CHAS Elite (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Service) Worksafe certificates. Armourcoat is also ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accredited.

Do Armourcoat protect completed works?

Armourcoat do not protect finished works as installation is typically completed near to the practical completion date on site.

Are beads required for Armourcoat Polished Plaster?

Beads are not required for the final Armourcoat polished plaster finish, however it is advised that powder coated aluminium thin coat plaster beads are used to prepare shadow gaps, corners and stops on plasterboard substrates. All beads need to be jointed into the plasterboard. Plasterboard needs to be sealed by the dryliner before Armourcoat can commence work.

Are beads required for Armourcoat Acoustic plaster?

Yes, where specified by the architect, Armourcoat will fit beads to form corners and edges to its Acoustic plaster system.

What is the typical working environment expected by Armourcoat?

The following site conditions are required for Armourcoat works to be completed with the best results;

  • continuous and uninterrupted access to the works
  • removal of any obstructions to the works
  • removal of any obstruction or interruption by other trades
  • a constant site temperature between 10ºC and 25ºC or between 15ºC and 25ºC for acoustic plaster install
  • a dust free environment where the works are being carried out
  • lighting conditions in the working environment to be equivalent to those at practical
  • hoarding protection for external works to control the working environment
  • protection from weather and third-party damage
  • protection of flooring for new and existing surfaces
  • protection of the works following the installation
  • ensuring all trades following Armourcoat recognise the installed Armourcoat Systems are “no damage zone”
  • ensuring all other trades following Armourcoat wear clean white gloves in and around the working area

What attendances do Armourcoat require?

Armourcoat require:

  • Clean water
  • General lighting
  • 110V or 240V electricity supply close to works
  • Hoist facilities for works above a single storey
  • Safe & dry storage facilities for materials kept between 10 and 25ºC
  • Provision of central point to deposit rubbish
  • Sanitation facilities
  • Mess facilities

Do Armourcoat require a deposit before works commence?

Yes, a deposit may be required before materials are manufactured for site.

What insurances do you hold?

Armourcoat covers for Employers Liability up to £10 million,
Public and Products Liability up to £15 million and Contractors All Risks up to £700,000 in any one contract.

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