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Armourcoat offers architects and designers their extensive experience to create stunning and innovative design features including seamless graduated colour fades, striking stencil effects and debossed logos.


Ombré uses our natural clay lime plaster to create a beautiful, seamless colour fade that transitions from any colour in our range to a light neutral tone with the same hue. The highly skilled effect can be used on walls of any height, creating an impactful feature with an organic feel.


Banding is a classic technique that allows a linear juxtaposition of textures, colours or sheen levels. The effect is created by superimposing one Armourcoat Polished Plaster finish upon another, using identical or contrasting finishes to create a striking visual as subtle or bold as the interior scheme requires.


Stencilling is a technique that allows for endless creative possibilities. The graphic effect is achieved by superimposing one finish upon another through a bespoke stencil, created from digital artwork. An almost limitless range of styles and aesthetics can be achieved with this technique, from highly intricate patterns in tonally similar finishes to bold branding in contrasting textures.

Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth is a highly skilled technique that builds up layers of our natural clay lime plaster in rich, earthy tones to emulate the traditional building method of the same name. Each layer is applied by hand after carefully planning the width and layout to achieve an organic, natural aesthetic with a raw feel.


Seamlessly debossing logos, typography or graphic elements into feature walls is made possible through our combination of CNC machining and hand sculpting. Graphic features can be inset into plasterboard walls using bespoke gypsum panels, creating a bold, strong visual.  Once the bespoke panel(s) are installed, the wall is finished in one of our decorative plasters or paints, creating a monolithic look where the design is debossed deep into the surface.


Our range of surface enhancements can add an extra sense of drama and delight to our range of polished plasters. From opulent gold leaf to beautiful pearlescent waxes and colour intensifying washes, an almost endless choice of customization is possible.

Eco Pearl

Ecopearl is a stunning surface enhancement that adds a pearlescent or metallic quality to our range of polished plasters. A huge range of colour tints are available to achieve a breadth of aesthetic options, from light subtle pearlescent shimmers to deep, dark and rich metallic tones. Ecopearl also enhances protection against staining and is low VOC.


Colourwash is a transparent, water-based glaze combined with pure pigment that enriches the surface intensity of our polished plasters. Colourwash works best on lightly textured finishes, such as Koncrete and Leatherstone, where the glaze is more easily absorbed into the open areas, enhancing the natural tonal variation within the surface.


Gilding is a classic technique that dates back as far as the Egyptians. The process involves applying an extremely thin sheet of metal, normally in small squares, to objects in order to create a luxurious, lustrous surface. As the metal is so thin, every minute detail from the surface below is highlighted by the reflective finish, creating a stunning effect. Using gold leaf, or other metal foils over our plasters accentuates the textural, hand-crafted nature of our finishes to the highest level possible.

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