Armourcoat and the environment 

As a global company, Armourcoat recognise the wider impact its products have on the planet. Armourcoat has an ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, from the sourcing of raw materials, through manufacturing, application and in-service life. Founded with a determination to responsibly develop, manufacture and install natural, high performance products, Armourcoat is driven to provide the most sustainable and aesthetic surface finishes possible.

Armourcoat's environmental stewardship began over thirty five years ago with the introduction of recycled crushed marble within its main product lines. Since then, Armourcoat has continued working to develop products that minimise environmental impact and achieve the latest, highest accreditation.

The release of Clime marks the next stage in Armourcoat's journey, a natural clay lime plaster with low embodied energy, superior longevity and transparent independent testing.