Armourcoat and the environment 

As a global company Armourcoat recognise the wider impact its products have on the planet. Armourcoat has an ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, from the sourcing of raw materials, through manufacturing, application and in-service life. Founded with a determination to be the best and to responsibly provide natural, high performance products and to install them, Armourcoat is successfully working to provide a healthy, sustainable service to the benefit of all. 
Armourcoat environmental stewardship began over thirty five years ago with the introduction of recycled marble within its main product lines. Armourcoat continues its work with exploring the use of raw materials with lower embodied carbon and energy.
As part of an ongoing sustainability programme Armourcoat announce the launch of Clime - a natural clay lime plaster in spring 2021.

Our journey

Follow Armourcoat's journey of discovery on our podcast series 'Beneath the Surface' where Marketing Director Daniel Nevitt discusses sustainability with global industry leaders across the spectrum of construction and design.

Armourcoat's USGBC LEED statement can be viewed here and we are currently working on additional system tests to Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort GOLD (BREEAM standards), Life Cycle Analysis and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) evaluations using One Click LCA software and Ecoinvent data sets.

Our extensive range of technical documents including safety data sheets and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) health and safety sheets can be viewed here.

Supplier self-declaration certificates under EU REACH Regulations are available upon request via specsales@armourcoat.co.uk.