Armourcoat Sculptural Wall Finishes

Armourcoat’s Sculptural panel systems offer a seamless three dimensional wall covering. They make a statement wherever they are used. From large scale commercial areas to feature walls in residential properties Armourcoat Sculptural walls add depth and grandeur to any space. Each of the 29 designs is created using a combination of traditional hand sculpting and computer aided design to ensure total accuracy during installation whilst retaining the essence of hand crafting.

Panel Sequencing

Some of the designs are based on a single panel that creates a repeating pattern. Others are made from a sequence of different panels that can be integrated together in many different ways to create totally unique sculpted walls. The multiple panel designs make it possible to create non repetitive seamless sculptural walls where the designs flow and change across the surface just as in nature. As a consequence no two walls need ever be identical.

Armourcoat Sculptural panels are mineral based and incorporate up to 30% post consumer recycled content (depending on design), are non-toxic and are completely non combustible. The panels are extremely dense and hard with a smooth ceramic like surface. Once the panels are installed each design can be finished in a range of decorative surface finishes. Some of the designs have been modeled in such a way as to enable the application of Armourcoat Polished Plaster finishes whilst other designs are more suited to a sprayed finish.

Standard Armourcoat Sculptural panels are suitable for internal use and areas that are not exposed to the elements or large temperature fluctuations.