ArmourFX - Modular panel systems and custom casting design

ArmourFX offers custom made panels and three dimensional casting. Armourcoat's team of specialist designers and artisan plasterers can work with you to create integrated custom wall panel systems, design statement single artwork pieces or 3D display items. Whether you are looking for a sculptured form or a creative stencil technique in hand applied Armourcoat Polished Plaster, ArmourFX can provide a unique but competitively priced solution.


Armourcoat's sophisticated online CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool manages large scale roll out projects.  ArmourFX COMPLETE CRM can be customised to the client’s specific requirements and allows both Armourcoat and the client fully transparent access to every stage of the process from design through to onsite delivery as well as full financial data. ArmourFX COMPLETE CRM can be customised to suit each customer’s specific product and service requirements and is ideal for managing nationwide roll outs of panels or point of sale display items in the retail or hospitality sectors.