Acoustic Plaster

Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System is designed to optimise the acoustics of interior spaces. 

From restaurants, theatres, offices, classrooms, hotel receptions and private residences, the use of hard sound reflective surfaces such as glass, wood and stone can cause excessive sound reverberation which leads to unpleasant noise levels. The correct control of sound will create a calmer and more pleasant environment. 

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System offers a clean flat and smooth mineral surface that can be applied seamlessly over large expanses to both flat and curved surfaces. It offers excellent sound absorption - to class 'A' Noise Reduction Coefficient. 

Armourcoat manufactures its own brand acoustic system.  In the UK, to ensure the highest possible standards, Armourcoat Contracting installs it. No other acoustic supplier can offer this level of integrated, assured service.

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System is suitable for use in both commercial and residential interior projects including major transport hubs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, cinemas and theatres, shopping centres and retail units, leisure facilities such as swimming pools and gymnasiums, open plan office environments, corridors and walkways, toilet and washroom lobbies, music rooms, open plan entrance halls and living spaces.

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System was the first acoustic plaster system to be granted the Quiet Mark Award in 2019 - the international mark of approval from the Noise Abatement Society Charitable Foundation.  Quiet Mark is the international award programme and system of support for brands and consumers. Through its pioneering acoustic tests, the organisation awards its distinctive Purple Q Mark to products and services that show excellence in low-noise and high-performance. 

Armourcoat are delighted to support Quiet Mark's 'Acoustics Academy' as launch partner and their highly regarded podcast series.

Episode 7 - Architect Oliver Brookes discusses a residential project for a client's music room.

Episode 12 - Senior Acoustic Consultant Jack Richardson of Hilson Moran and Armourcoat Sales Manager Spencer Drake discuss a luxury swimming pool project.

Creating a calm and inviting environment

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System comprises of a special mineral wool composite panel that is bonded onto the substrate and finished with a seamless layer of the Armourcoat Acoustic plaster. Armourcoat’s considerable expertise in the formulation of marble based plaster finishes have created an elegant finish that appears smooth and even but still allows sound energy to pass through the surface. This enables sound to be absorbed and attenuated in the layer of mineral wool beneath. The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System can be pigmented to a range of standard or custom colours.  Firmly established as a recognised and approved acoustic system in the UK, worldwide availability is currently being implemented.

Excellent acoustic performance

Independent tests were carried out in the UK on the Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System to determine the Sound Absorption Coefficient (αs), conducted in accordance with European Standard EN ISO 354. Single figure ratings of sound absorption performance, known as the Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient (αw), Sound Absorption Class, Sound Absorption Average (SAA) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) are derived from these measurements in accordance with European Standard EN ISO 11654 and American Standard ASTM C423-17. Tests were carried out by the AIRO Acoustics Laboratory, a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0483, on 18th December 2019 and 22nd April 2020. The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System achieved BS EN ISO 354:2003 Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient (αw) of 0.85, class B (28mm system) to 0.95, class A (48mm system).

Armourcoat Acoustic 1. Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient (αw) 2. Sound Absorption Class  3. Sound Absorption Average (SAA)  4. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)   
28mm system 0.85 B 0.82 0.80
48mm system 0.95 A 0.92 0.90

1/2. BS EN ISO 354:2003
3/4. ASTM C423-17

System meets and exceeds requirements under Part E Building Regulations 2010 for acoustic treatment in common areas of residential buildings (E3 section 7).

Excellent environmental performance

Armourcoat Acoustic® panels are made in the UK to exacting quality standards - and are ready for immediate installation.  The mineral wool panels incorporate 70% recycled content, with the basecoat made from expanded glass with 85% recycled content, and the topcoat plaster made from 80% recycled marble.  The system contains no VOCs and is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew.

Excellent thermal performance

Armourcoat Acoustic® mineral wool panels have a lambda value of 0.032 W/mK, to provide excellent thermal performance and reduce heat loss through the building envelope. The product meets the requirements under Part L Thermal Building Regulations 2010 (England & Wales) and Section 6 (Scotland).