Acoustic Plaster

Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System is designed to optimise the acoustics of interior spaces.  From large theatre halls, offices, classrooms, hotel receptions and private residences the use of hard sound reflective surfaces such as glass, wood and stone can cause excessive sound reverberation which leads to unpleasant noise levels.  The correct control of sound can create a calmer and more pleasant environment.  The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System offers a clean flat and smooth mineral surface that can be applied seamlessly over large expanses to both flat and curved surfaces and offers excellent sound absorption.

Creating a calm and inviting environment

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System comprises of a special mineral wool composite panel that is bonded onto the substrate and finished with a seamless layer of the Armourcoat Acoustic plaster. Armourcoat’s considerable expertise in the formulation of marble based plaster finishes have created an elegant finish that appears smooth and even but still allows sound energy to pass through the surface. This enables sound to be absorbed and attenuated in the layer of mineral wool beneath. The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System can be pigmented to a range of standard or custom colours.  Initially the system is launched in the UK (March 2017) with worldwide availability being implemented now.

Exceptional acoustic performance

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System has been tested by the University of Southampton (ISVR Consulting) following BS EN ISO 354:2003 ‘Airborne sound absorption measured in a reverberation chamber’. Test guidelines for type A mounting. The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System achieved NRC ratings from 0.8, class C (30mm system) to 0.9, class A (50mm system).