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Sculptural Corrugated (asf_id 8485) Access Level: 1

Care & Maintenance Sheet 3 ArmourColor Decorative Coating Advice Sheets 11/01/2017
Care & Maintenance Sheet 4 Armourcoat Sculptural Advice Sheets 28/03/2017
ArmourColor Decorative Wall Coatings One Year Limited materials Warranty For Interior Use en Warranties 11/01/2017
SCULPTURAL Ten Year Limited Panel Warranty en Warranties 12/01/2017
PDS018: Perlata Product Data Sheets (PDS) 06/10/2022
PDS020: Clearseal Gloss Product Data Sheets (PDS) 15/02/2017
PDS022: Sculptural Seamless Three Dimensional Wall System Product Data Sheets (PDS) 31/03/2021
Safety Data Sheet For Clearseal Gloss Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 15/07/2016
Safety Data Sheet For Perlata Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 19/05/2021
LEED Statement - Perlata Technical Test Data 26/07/2021
Perlata CSI USA CSI Documents 15/08/2017
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