Jaguar Land Rover

ArmourFX for Jaguar Land Rover ‘In Residence’ Expo

Armourcoat’s modular decorative panel system, ArmourFX, has been specified for use on the new Jaguar Land Rover ‘In Residence’ global exhibition stand programme.
Launched at the Geneva auto show, ‘The Residence’ stand design reflects the core principals of these iconic British brands through a high tech digital display.  Jaguar Land Rover’s use of technology has resulted in a cutting-edge stand design with a focus on ease of construction and the use of lightweight materials.  Eventually there will be five tradeshow ‘kits’ stationed in different parts of the world, the stand being seen in Beijing, Paris and Los Angeles later this year with a concept stand in New York.
Designed by global creative business Imagination, the Jaguar Land Rover stand includes over 100 custom ArmourFX panels in a stone coloured polished plaster finish.  The prefinished panels offer a rapid installation with ease of handling, and also ensure the panels are quickly demounted at the end of the event.  ArmourFX panels are ideal for exhibitions or projects under tight deadlines for completion.  Panels can be highly customized to suit the client, sent directly to site and installed in just a few hours.
ArmourFX, evolved from Armourcoat’s renowned range of applied seamless plaster wall finishes, can be used to create highly original integrated custom wall panel systems, signage or design statement single artwork pieces.