Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) contentHardwearing 10,000 wet scrub cycles
Polished Plaster. Swimming Pools.

Swimming Pools and Wet Areas.

Specifying Armourcoat finishes for swimming pools and wet areas
The specification of decorative finishes for high humidity or wet areas can be a challenge. Armourcoat can provide a perfect choice for demanding interiors which require a high-end aesthetic. Our extensive range of natural mineral finishes are naturally breathable and provide excellent resistance to mould, fungal or algal growth*. Armourcoat finishes (in particular Spatulata) have been used to great effect on swimming pool ceilings to provide a seamless monolithic highly polished surface, great for light reflection and creating a spacious and opulent effect. Tough and hard wearing**, Armourcoat finishes can also create rich and diverse decorative effects, such as blockwork or seamless Travertine stone. These finishes complement other natural materials such as glass, stone and timber.

Armourcoat finishes suitable for swimming pool areas are: Polished Plaster | ArmourColor | Sculptural | ArmourCast | Ductal

For further information, please read:
Advice Sheet 1 ‘Internal Areas Exposed To Moisture’ and
Substrate Specification Sheet 9 ‘Working Specification for substrates suitable for wet areas’.

* tested to ASTM D3273/D3274
** Gardner Impact Resistance Test ASTM D 2794 and scrub resistance ASTM D 2486


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